Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mistake Mistake

This is a story of how one click caused me money. It can be a simple story but I shall not spare you from any details.
It all began one a bright sunny day. One fellow friend of mine suggested that we go travel. With youth and eagerness, we started looking at the options that we have in our hands. We have 5 days and we want to have a simple trip.
Option 1: Thailand, by land.
This was our initial plan, with train or bus, we will travel up north to Thailand and maybe end at Koh Lipe. Thailand is indeed interesting and I really miss going to the beach. This plan is voided due to the recent bombings.

Option 2: Thailand, by air.
The tickets are not that expensive and we can land straight at Bangkok. Reaching there, we can shop for CNY clothes which is just around the corner. Plan voided because we went Bangkok already this year.

Option 3: Singapore, by air.
USS, etc. Voided because the exchange rate and the school holidays

Last and the chosen option: Jakarta.
Flights are fairly cheap. RM 190 return tickets. We never been there before, and I guess it will be a good experience for us.

I was tasked to purchase the tickets, simple click and keying in the details. After payment, I thought all was done, and we just have to plan for our trip. I was wrong. I bought the ticket for the wrong dates. WTFBBQ~

I called the call centre, and asked for a change of date. It costs around RM 200 per person for the the change of dates. Another WTFBBQ. In the end, just buy new tickets.
Moral of the story: Do things right at the first time!

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