Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Mistake Mistake

This is a story of how one click caused me money. It can be a simple story but I shall not spare you from any details.
It all began one a bright sunny day. One fellow friend of mine suggested that we go travel. With youth and eagerness, we started looking at the options that we have in our hands. We have 5 days and we want to have a simple trip.
Option 1: Thailand, by land.
This was our initial plan, with train or bus, we will travel up north to Thailand and maybe end at Koh Lipe. Thailand is indeed interesting and I really miss going to the beach. This plan is voided due to the recent bombings.

Option 2: Thailand, by air.
The tickets are not that expensive and we can land straight at Bangkok. Reaching there, we can shop for CNY clothes which is just around the corner. Plan voided because we went Bangkok already this year.

Option 3: Singapore, by air.
USS, etc. Voided because the exchange rate and the school holidays

Last and the chosen option: Jakarta.
Flights are fairly cheap. RM 190 return tickets. We never been there before, and I guess it will be a good experience for us.

I was tasked to purchase the tickets, simple click and keying in the details. After payment, I thought all was done, and we just have to plan for our trip. I was wrong. I bought the ticket for the wrong dates. WTFBBQ~

I called the call centre, and asked for a change of date. It costs around RM 200 per person for the the change of dates. Another WTFBBQ. In the end, just buy new tickets.
Moral of the story: Do things right at the first time!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Funny Japanese Client

I have a funny client.
I work as a project engineer and hence I will go through groups of different client due to project cycle. My current project is based in Bintulu and the Owner of the plant gotten a Japanese company as the Main Contractor. This main contractor covers most aspect of the project (civil, mechanical, system, etc).
My company is supplying the system for the plant and hence we are dealing directly with the Japs. The Japs come to our office very often as they need to review our work and also partake in discussions. They fly from Japan and stays in Malaysia for a minimum of 1 week.
Mr M, one of the instrument engineer from Japan had came over to our office many times. July was the first time that I actually worked directly with him. As it was the Muslim fasting month, I had to take him and the other clients for lunch, and sometimes dinner. He is quite a friendly person and due to my lameness, we are fairly acquainted in just a few days.
He was scheduled to come back to our office around late August and again in late October this year for discussions, work review and meetings. At the end of his July trip, he asked if I wanted any souvenir from Japan. Very nice of him right?
So, at that moment, I was thinking that it would be great if he gotten something that is made from Japan. Hence, I asked if he could get a Nissan Skyline (Japanese sports car) for me. It was all for fun and meant to be a joke (although it would be great to get the car).
At the end, instead of getting one car, I got three instead.
 Porche Boxster, Subaru Impreza and a Nissan Skyline GT-R
New cars parked next to my old scooter
He bought these cars when he returned home in July. He brought them to my Malaysia in August but kept forgetting to bring them to my office. At this time, he finally gave them to me. He said if he brings them back to Japan again, his wife will "marah-marah" (be angry) because it is not serving it's purpose.
It is very nice of him to get me these gifts. I still find it hilarious that he actually remembers to get my the car. We were all giddy when he passed the car to me. Now, I got 3 imported cars now parked in my cubicle.
I have a funny client

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Subway Surfers

Life is like the game 'Subway Surfers'. It may be a game but it is a good analogy of life.
You can try to catch all the coins, but it is never ending.
You can try to use the coins to unlock special boards and characters. That may give you some momentary happiness.
You can also try to finish missions and increase your multiplier. With that, you can get a beeter highscore. You can show off when you compare with you peers. That will give you some bragging rights.
However, at the end of the day, it will bring very little meaning. The most important part of it is you enjoy the game. Enjoy the journey. No matter what, everyone dies in the game.
So, we should choose happiness.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Year Late Advice

It has been about a year since I started working. Even after one year, there are a few things that I would like to tell the younger me on things that I should prepare before work. This things might sound menial but it is crucial in becoming a better engineer. I am still trying my best to do these. It is a struggle but I believe that these hacks will indeed help in daily work and career.
  • Take work seriously but not emotionally
When it comes to work, it is a whole different level of responsibility. Your attitude towards work reflects much of your performance for yourself and also the team. It goes the same when you have to work with other people. When you work with other people, surely there will be some conflict of interest. Many things may not be ideal for you as there are many people that we have to satisfy (clients, boss, etc).
In order to be professional, you have to detach any emotions from your work. Do not keep any grudge towards your boss, colleague or client. Understand that any friction created is solely for the advancement of the project/work. Take work seriously, do your best, but do not keep it to your heart.
  • Prepare notebooks and write everything down
In my schooling days, my concern of learning are based on the process of actually doing it. I will gain certain knowledge when I deal with certain task. However, it is different when you work. Maybe it is due to age, the quick pace of work or just the massive amount of information. Hence, write down everything and divide them accordingly. Have one book for information, one for daily task, etc. You will be more systematic in your work and keeping track of work will be more effective.
  • Be sincere in your work relationships but know your limits
Treat people like how you want to be treated. That is my way of treating people. No matter how other people is treating you, you should still treat them the way you treat everyone else. Do not put on a work mask just because you feel that you need to impress or detest anyone.
However, there are also limits to relationships where respect has to come into play. A boss is still a boss. He might have a different sense of humour as you do.
  • Breakfast is important
I used to have only two meals daily, lunch and dinner. Now that I have started working, I noticed the difference of energy level when I have breakfast. Most of us get up very early to prepare and travel to work. You will be groggy by midday if you do not have that supply of energy from breakfast. Any breakfast will do, even simple snacks like biscuits.
  • When someone needs you, they will find you
I do not how to put this in words but just giving it in an example. It is just like a missed call. When someone has something to inform you, they will call you again.
  • Work is endless
Work is indeed endless. Go ahead and plan your life apart from work. Find work life balance.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Life As A Toilet Bowl

In fond memories of the disgusting toilets around the world.

Hi world, my name is Johnson, last name Suisse, or at least that is what was imprinted on me. I do not know how did I come into this world. I do not remember who is my maker. The first time I was awake was when I was in this dark crate where they were shifting me around. It was from the commotion that I gained my consciousness. I can hear people saying that they will be bringing me to a well known shop that sells toilet bowls. I wonder what are toilet bowls.
My first sight of light was when they displayed me in a tiny window by the shop. I guess I have something precious that worth displaying. Many people will be in awe when they see the jewels and the gold linings around me. They will come into the shop and will feel the different parts of my body. They said that I am the prettiest thing they have ever seen. It does make me feel fabulous.
I tried speaking to friends around me. They seem very nice. Too bad we cannot move and shake hands. It is quite odd, that most of my friends have the same name as me. Some friends said that they saw my twin at the back of the store. I did not put much thought on it. I just want people to adore me.
It was less than a month that someone in black suit came and speak with the store keeper. He handed the store keeper a paper that is called a cheque and told him to send me to a particular hotel just around the corner. The store keeper was smiling from ear to ear when he saw the paper. I guess the paper contained some funny jokes in it. I am glad that I will be moving to a new place. The store keeper scares me. I was placed in a crate and was shifted the next day.
I was quite a crucial few days where they shift me around and start connecting random plastic things around me. I do not like the feeling. The pipes always fill me up with water, and it does not taste good as it tastes like metal. It took some time, but I was glad it was all over. No more moving and screwing of pipes around me. It was a good feeling to have all the work done. Man, how wrong was I?
It was a beginning of a nightmare. Everyday, I see different people coming up to me. They feed me with lime juice and chocolate cakes. It does not taste good at all (if I ever have any senses). It is like what the humans say, "It tastes like shit". I guess I am in deep shit. Sometimes, people will come up to me and try to kiss me. At the end of each kiss, they will feed me with a bunch of liquid with their mouth. It was not a good feeling.
Everyday, I feel like dying. I hope that I can go back to the window. I was adored, loved by all. People will slow down their pace just to have a good look at me. I felt fabulous then. Now it is just full of shit.

The End

This is absolutely random, in no relations with any living or dead people. 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Came and Gone

I told myself to take a break and not to get involved with such earthly matters. I do not want infatuation to get in the way. Past experiences has told me much, enough to make me run and hide. The tears of losing was too painful then the joy of having. I believed being without is gold than to hold onto a burning coal.
With this core, my routine began. In new shoes, I began my walk. The old ones has left and the new one is different. I felt like i was the odd one now. Being in a new environment also made me intimidated to take a plunge.However, I still found myself in the waters. Jumping canonball into the water, not even bothered with anything. I thought it was right, my heart said it is true.
It was perfect it was great. It was something that I have wanted to try with. Being different did not matter to me, I love much deeply. I guess it just made me whole.

It was part sweet and part bitter. Life is fair that way. You cannot expect to eat chocolates without getting fat.
Sweet when the roses blossom and was greeted with smiles. Petals bloom for the world to see.
Sweet to wake up and know it is there,  and  being cherished, to flatter with no border.
Sweet just by being together. To care less about the world, it means nothing when I have it.
Sweet that I can say I have.

Bitter that the path is rough, we were not ready. We were never ready, and we needed to be strong.
Bitter that things do not go the way I wanted. We could not provide what either of us needed.
Bitter that it hurt when expectations was not met. Hopes and dreams were burned to dust.
Bitter that hurting was done to save individual pride and ego. When the war began, we created walls. The walls that supposed to protect the heart but instead it creates a chasm. A chasm so deep that no leap can cross.
Bitter that outward variables were significant when  they do not take part in the reaction. It became a catalyst for a downward momentum.
Bitter that I will never have even though I still love. To know that something so pure has came and gone.

If only listening was done with the heart, not with the brain.
If only we understand that we have room for inprovement, we will never be so judgemental.
If only people will just shut the fuck up.
If only there is a pause button.
If only I can provide what was lacked.
If only.....

Looking back....

I guess shit happens....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Path To 25

It has already been way too long,
That I haven't written anything for this song,
I never should have left it dry,
But it will never see me cry.

Birthday came, birthday gone.
Started working, 6 months long.
25 years old, wondering what's wrong,
Eager for life, experience and thongs.

Working life, routine life,
Money brings happiness, it's a lie,
Often thought it was growth and wealth,
All I see is greed and stealth.

Self defense is such an art,
Sometimes it does smell like fart,
Tai Chi is not for the faint of heart,
Especially when you're receiving, it is hard.

Finding ways to spread some colours,
In this canvas called the portrait of life,
I want to fill it up with valor,
To make me taller, bolder and brighter.

Cupid missed his arrow shot,
Got struck down itself by the vanguard,
I know I am not that hot,
Still I wait for the pure of heart.

Questions of life, questions of dreams,
The ones that talked about the roads of two,
But in my story there is no beams,
To guide the path of this Adidas shoe.

I will believe and put my trust,
That life is not all about lust,
That passion and goals will eventually bestow,
Like the road shone by a headlights in a dark road.

Au Revoir